You’re ready to nurture your ideas into the world in creative, playful, indulgent ways. Creativity Lab retreats and live events are ambrosial adventures where you discover how to be creatively productive while having a really good time. Your creative process is the catalyst for creating your ideas in remarkable ways. Join us to discover and expand your unique ways of nurturing your ideas to life!



I’m a futurist, an alchemist, a wildcard that can exponentialise your ideas. When you are too weird, too creative or too different for the world, but you know the world is crying out for what you can offer, I am the creation catalyst that translates and connects your concepts into strategic, saleable ideas.

You’re multi-creative, more brilliant than you want to know, an anomaly that does not and will not fit into the limits and constraints of the tiny boxes the world tries to contain you with. You have questions, awareness, ideas and unique perspectives that the world is seeking but hasn’t found a way to ask for.

It’s not about the time we spend together (although that’s always fun!). It’s about us playing together so I can read the energy of your creations and future possibilities. Then finding the words, the strategic concepts, the creations, the branding elements, the launch strategies and the money-magnetising ways of presenting your brilliance to the world, in ways the world can currently receive. This is the space where your ideas invite your clients to new and greater possibilities.

Our 1:1 sessions will be full of unusual questions, playful exploration, unconventional ideas, aha moments and the instant creative alchemy that comes with using intuitive awareness to create beyond logic.

Intrigued? How would you love to play?



You’ve been taught to follow the rules of business and you secretly (or not so secretly) detest those rules because you KNOW they are mostly ridiculous. What you aren’t as clear about is what you can choose instead. Welcome to discovering how to create money and business YOUR way.

You have an innate sense of what will work for you. Through Business Alchemy Lab, the Income Streams Creation Intensive and the Creating Money adventures, you will be immersed in the pleasure and ease that business can be. What if it’s not nearly as hard as you’ve made it?.


Do you need to unhide yourself, create more money, explore your brilliance and how it can show up in the world, or create your business with more ease and playfulness? Join us for adventurous discoveries that will change your entire life if you are willing.


Are you not writing because you think you have nothing valuable to say or no-one will want to hear your ideas? Is your writing mostly in your head? Or does it feel like you have permanent writer’s block because there’s more energy than words coming through?

The words that carry your voice can be elusive, and yet, there are *always* ways to invite your inspiration into life. What would it be like to write for the joy of it… the pleasure… the magic… the gift it can be to you and others? If it’s time to move beyond your writer’s block, here are some magical resources for writing in YOUR voice!


Acknowledging your awareness opens the doors to entirely new ways of living joyously and creating magically. Our first language is energy and changing the energy first changes just about everything! How do you change the energy? With a question, a choice, a contribution, a new possibility - and by using energy clearings. What if you know far more than you imagine? Play here to explore empowering and practical tools for changing whatever is stopping you.

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Is it time to stop waiting and start creating? This collection of free resources can get you started! You can receive almost weekly inspiration from my Love Notes; Move Beyond Fear with a free e-class; discover your brilliance in business and beyond through the intuitive, playful Creative Alchemy e-class… and so much more!

I’m a creation catalyst. If you’d like weekly inspiration for creating in new ways, join the Creativity Lab Facebook group. It’s beyond magic ;)